For those who want a thorough financial plan, we have a very specific and well-honed process by which we engage our clients to create a unique strategic financial plan.

We will then coach you to make educated choices about your money and work toward your personal goals.





We ask that you prepare for our initial meeting by gathering copies of all of your financial documents and by reviewing your budget. 


The purpose of this meeting is to determine if there is a "match" between the services we provide and your financial needs. At this initial meeting, we begin by having a conversation about your personal goals. From there we conceptualize your personal milestones and take a "snapshot" of your current financial situation. It is at this point that we both decide if we can all benefit from a long-term professional relationship. If the answer is yes, the fee for the comprehensive plan will be determined and you will decide whether to hire us. 

*There is no charge for your initial meeting.


We review you documents, research your particular issues and concerns (communicating with other experts where necessary) and design your financial plan tailored around your current income and your personal goals. Your financial plan will be thorough; taking into account adequate cash reserves, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning (wills and trusts), investment strategies, efficient tax strategies and debt elimination.


pproximately 2 weeks after our initial meeting, we will meet to present our plan to you. We will make a number of recommendations to move you toward your personal goals. At this meeting, we will answer any questions that arise and outline all of the necessary actions and steps.


n many ways, this is the most important part of our process because we take action on the various recommendations. We coach you on those steps which require action on your part. Gathering your documents and paying for a comprehensive financial plan will not help you achieve your financial goals and fulfill your values unless and until you follow through and take action.


pproximately 3 months following the presentation, we will review the plan implementation. Have all actions and steps been completed accurately? Do you understand the statements and other communications you are receiving? Do you have greater comfort regarding your financial affairs?


ife is change and growth. Therefore, a good financial plan needs to change and grow with your life. We meet with you annually to adjust goals where necessary and monitor your progress toward these goals. At each annual meeting, we will provide you with an up-to-date summary of your total investment portfolio and risk analysis.


ur expectation through this entire process is that we build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. 

We want you to be so pleased with our services that you will feel comfortable referring your family, friends and associates.